Introducing @ohteeds

@ohteeds is my best friend. She probably won't introduce herself so I will.
  1. She makes me laugh.
  2. A lot.
  3. A lot a lot.
  4. A lot a lot a lot.
  5. She never leaves you hanging when you need answers.
  6. She works with produce.
  7. She's deep.
  8. She's very deep.
  9. She's just one of the girls.
  10. She was a cute kid.
  11. She's still cute.
  12. I always have fun at her house.
    That's me in the middle.
  13. It's a fun place to be.
  14. She's very good at decorating.
  15. She makes beautiful art.
  16. She lets me model for her.
  17. Squirrels love her.
  18. She still plays with Legos.
  19. And Barbies.
  20. She loves me.
  21. She loves me like Lilo loves Stitch.
  22. I love her so much.