At first I typed "a year", but then I went to double check and it's only been four months since my last list.
  1. I opened this app to find I had 76 notifications.
    72 of them were "This person you follow posted a list."
  2. Samira Wiley reposted one of my crochet dolls on Instagram.
    It happens to be the first doll I made a pattern for, so yeah, I did alright for my first pattern launch.
  3. I've started live streaming on while I crochet.
    It's a lot of fun. People give me ideas and I carry them out. I get to hang out and be social while I'm working from home. No one has trolled me yet.
  4. I held a unicorn pageant.
    I threw in a donkey for fun.
  5. The donkey tied with a unicorn. Of course.
  6. And no one will be shocked by this.
    The donkey won the unicorn pageant. I made him an honorary horn.
  7. Everyone loves an underdog.
    The donkey scored twice as many votes as the unicorn.
  8. It made me think a lot about underdogs.
    From the start it felt like the unicorns were the true underdogs in the unicorn pageant. Throw in a cute outsider and you just know the actual unicorns don't have a chance.
  9. And now I'm looking at underdogs like... are they really the underdog if everyone likes them just for being an outsider?
    Does being an outsider give you an advantage because people assume you're at a disadvantage?
  10. Is there really nothing in the rules that says a dog can't play basketball?