Nevertheless, She Punched Nazis

  1. I made a survey on Facebook asking about female super heroes that aren't just a female version of a male hero (like She-Hulk or Super Girl). There were very few options, but Wonder Woman was a popular answer.
    (I'm about to look into Squirrel Girl)
  2. So I made some Wonder Woman dolls and I sold 6 out of 9 on the first day I posted them 😀
    I wish I had more variety of body shapes, but I'm still new to creating my own doll patterns and I don't yet have that variety figured out. I did the best with the talent I currently have.
  3. Sold
  4. Sold
  5. My personal favorite
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  7. Sold
  8. Bald is beautiful ❤ (As a cancer survivor I had to make a bald one. BTW I just found out I hit my 5-year remission mark, which is a big deal in the cancer world.)
    $45 +$5 shipping
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  11. The only one with shorts instead of spanks and the hair flips to either side or tucks up into a hawk.
  12. I'm very interested to hear about the women who most inspire you.
    They don't need to be super heroes. Human heroes are more important IMO. Tag your friends. I really want to hear from anyone who has a female or non-binary hero.