I actually think you'll like these @list
  1. Take the lists we write and reorder the bullets in whatever order you think we should have written them.
    You probably know what we meant to say better than we did. And if you don't, there's probably an algorithm that does.
  2. Take our saved lists and delete whatever you don't like and replace it with better lists.
    You probably have an algorithm for that and let's face it, I have terrible taste.
  3. Replace gifs with advertisements and make them automatic.
    Did I mention cheese on this bullet? Perfect place for a Kraft "Cheese" advertisment.
  4. Take away bullet points and just have one text block where we can also tag our location and whatever we are currently watching or feeling.
    Ground breaking. No other app does this.
  5. Change the hearts to likes and later to a variety of reactions.
  6. Promote the app on "Doctor" Phil's show.
  7. Bring in all of our old, racist family members and encourage them share minion-themed memes about how they liked being slapped around as kids.
  8. Full-screen pop-up ads.
    Ads for algorithms?
  9. Hire the food babe to fact check every list before it can post.
    No words she can't pronounce!
  10. Take away hearts and comments.
    Being able to encourage each other can probably be replaced by an algorithm.
  11. And just my personal preference: Never ever give us filthy Android users the same advanced features as the Apple kids.
    Why did you even give us gifs? (But really I'm pretty happy right now that I can still relist and my feed is in chronological order.)