I don't usually draw with a ballpoint pen, but it's a great break from routine when I'm out of ideas.
  1. I make so many mistakes and I'm forced to be creative to make them work.
    Each of those spider arms were shoulder lines I didn't like.
  2. On rare occation I feel I've been more expressive than when I'm carefully erasing to perfect each line.
    I'm a coffee goblin.
  3. I have to give up control and work with what's on the paper.
    I didn't intend to make noodle arms, but an error in judgement made it happen.
  4. They don't meet my quality expectation or match what I had pictured.
    I would never draw something like this with a pencil.
  5. I feel free to experiment out of my comfort zone.
    Pretty sure I couldn't repeat this if I tried.
  6. I find weird ideas to bring back to my pencil/inked/watercolor illustrations.
    Here's a collection inspired by this doodle: https://li.st/l/01oUU6tgRiZpYaR1WiacHN
  7. My mood comes through.
  8. And I'm challenged to be deliberate with each stroke.
  9. I'm not that practiced at drawing, but it's a nice hobby and something I hope to improve at.
    I've been at it 3 years.. That's enough time to master the basics.
  10. If you know any other listers who share their drawings and/or art please recommend them. 😀 I'm new and looking for people to follow.
  11. Thanks for looking 😊