Things I Made This Week: Holiday Bazaar Edition

  1. The Belcher Children
  2. Neko Atsume
  3. More kitties
  4. Mermaids
  5. These are actually older mermaids that didn't sell so I gave them fabulous makeovers and fancier tops.
  6. This cutie
  7. Ornaments
  8. The Last Unicorn
  9. Friends
  10. Hiiii
  11. Hammies
  12. A numb thumb
  13. A sore wrist
  14. Labels for all of the journals and sketchbooks I'll be selling.
  15. A group shot of everything I'm selling tomorrow at a local Portland Bazaar
  16. 300 Gin & Tonics
    All for meeee
  17. A new Facebook cover photo
  18. I have to be up at 5:30am (a time I sometimes go to bed after long, quiet nights of creating) so that I can be on me feet for 12 hours running a booth, selling my creations, and talking to strangers.
    (Sorry I still can't sell online. I'm still having a hard time keeping up with local orders, but I hope to get there in the future. Thanks for the love ❤)