Wine Dreams

I watched the debate last night so of course I drank a bottle of wine as well. I was going to list about the debate, but I did this instead. Everyone loves hearing about dreams, right?
  1. My first dream was hours of listening to Jill Stein talk to science deniers. I just had to sit there, unable to move or talk, while she didn't exactly say they were wrong.
    I woke up thinking it must be morning. That dream was so long. Nope, not even close. Back to sleep.
  2. Next I had a dream I was watching Trump being sworn in.
    I snapped awake.
  3. Then I dreamed I was an inspector in a factory. My job was to sit and watch a conveyor belt just to make sure it kept moving. This lasted what felt like 8 hours.
    I woke up like, "Why brain? Why are you doing this?"
  4. I dreamed I was at summer camp with a bunch of kids (a job I have had in the past) and we took a trip to a beach. When we got down to the beach there were hippos. I have never seen hippos in real life. I realized I had forgotten my camera, so I just had to, like, sit there and enjoy this moment? Ugh.
    But I'm a professional photographer, so this was unpleasant.
  5. At the craft store. While I was distracted the guy ahead of me in line took what he didn't want and dumped it in my cart. My bill came to $250. I had to stay for half an hour while we worked out what needed to be returned. He had put opened chocolate in there and it melted all over my stuff.
    The guy was with his two kids. They all came back in and he said, "I'm pretty funny, huh?" I took one of the items he put in my cart and repeatedly smacked his face with it until he ran away.
  6. All of these dreams combined did a great job of covering the range of emotions I felt while watching the debate.