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this is how a messed up my kid's weekend plains (or lack there of)
  1. Google a place you want to go to about an hour before you leave.
    We knew what we wanted to do, just didn't know how we were going to do it. So we just simply google petting zoo. With out really looking in to it.
  2. What ever you find, just go and find out later if it was worth the trip.
    Turned out what we found was just some ones opened field with a goat.
  3. Read later the reviews that could of saved you time
    If I just would of read that first review that said "wow! They got two goats!"
3 more...
  1. 1.
    Hold steering wheel tight, so when she touches it you don't lose control.
  2. 2.
    Play loud music so your child doesn't hear the language that is about to come out
  3. 3.
    Pray the other guy behind the wheel is small so if you have to fight the guy because of jesters she has done him you have a chance.