1. Barnsdall Park
    This gem is hiding right on Hollywood west of Vermont. Drive up the long drive way to the top. Nice patch of green to read, work, relax etc.
  2. Lake Hollywood Park
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    This unofficial dog park up Beachwood canyon is so awesome. We bring this guy here- look for us 🐶
  3. Pan pacific park
    Not AS nice as the first two, but sometimes a little more convenient. Located right by the Grove on between Beverly/3rd and the Grove drive/Gardner. Nice big park, good for walks or picnics&bbqs. Surprisingly, a lot of people don't know about this place.
  4. Venice Canals
    This is a good place to go if you feel like having house-hunter-like conversations. Super peaceful and if any of you live there I'M JEALOUS.
  5. Will Rogers State Historic Park
    Only been here once but felt very non-LA and great.
  6. Fox Hills Park
    Delightful, perfect for lunch break naps and a quick walk. Also sweeeeeet jungle gym
    Suggested by @lindsinger