1. When I wore a blonde wig and did an impression of Alana from "Toddlers and Tiaras" for an audition for a Nickelodeon sketch show.
    No one laughed. Crickets. Horrifying.
  2. Every time I go in for a hug and the other person offers a handshake.
    The worst.
  3. Senior year of high school when I was full on lip synching a song in my Honda Civic hatchback and then looked up to find the back of a school bus full of middle schoolers laughing at me.
    Just really humbling.
  4. This one time in NYC when I tripped down the stairs in the subway and landed hands first on the shoulders of an old Asian man
    He screamed. So did I.
  5. That time I had the audacity to audition for the BROADWAY production of "West Side Story" and fell on my ass trying to kick higher than I'm capable. Surrounded by scary Bway chorus boys.
    The director said, "Are you ok?" after in a really unimpressed tone. Fml?