A power ranking.
  1. Keeping in 1600
    Current favorite
  2. Bitch Sesh
  3. Gilmore Guys
  4. Jam Session (Channel 33)
  5. The Watch
  6. Doug Loves Movies
  7. Serial Season 1
    But not season 2, as of yet. I do re-listen to Season 1 on the reg, though. Ask me about Adnan. I have THOUGHTS.
  8. Call Your Girlfriend
  9. West Wing Weekly
  10. Bachelor Party (Channel 33)
  11. Who? Weekly
  12. Pop Culture Happy Hour
  13. Pop Rocket
  14. Tom and Lorenzo's Pop Style Opinion Fest
  15. The Vulture TV podcast
  16. Sources Say
    A podcast about NBA gossip. I do not follow the NBA.