1. Repurposed Ocean Spray box!
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  2. Junior high insect collection, aka I am obviously a serial killer. I remember loving this project way too much. We made our own kill jars out of Tupperware and nail polish remover. For science!!
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  3. But would a serial killer receive this amazing Patriot Award? (We were the Jefferson Junior High Patriots.)
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  4. Junior high school single earring look.
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  5. Does that moon have a dark side? YES.
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  6. Photo of my grandpa getting his drink on. Gan bei!
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  7. A "novelization" of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Worth every cent, all 79 of them.
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  8. Camp counselor manual! I was a LIT (leader-in-training) at Camp Edwards in East Troy, Wisconsin. Too old to be a camper, young enough to be hoodwinked into working for free.
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  9. Makeup compact I stole from my mom.
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  10. Can't describe it - but when makeup smelled especially makeup-y.
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  11. Shell encrusted jewelry box - to hold all my single earrings?
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  12. Rock collection.
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  13. More than one. Science!
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  14. Plus art, too. High art.
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  15. Some very Chinese fabric I draped all over my college dorm. Apparently some non-childhood stuff made it into this box.
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  16. And me! The red velvet vest. The lace collar. Kinda wish I still had those plastic barrettes.
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