I still want to be the person who names colors. Do NOT burst my bubble. It's obviously the best job ever.
  1. Purple Mystery
    I love this name so much I made a short film about it. It was basically a guy walking around as more and more absurd things happen. My friend Tim (aka Vermin) was the star. This is how old we are: 1. we shot on Hi-8 video, and 2. we knew a huge building in South San Francisco was scheduled to be demolished, and that somehow this had to be in the movie, so we ran one long take with Tim looking pensive, while in the background, the charges blew and crumpled the building into dust...
  2. Swiss Coffee
    I actually hate this color. Fucking taupe. It's the color my landlords use as their default wall paint. I should mention that my landlords are very sweet and let us paint our place some "pretty out there" colors, as long as we promised to re-Swiss Coffee everything after we left.
  3. Bermuda
    It was a deep aqua that Ralph Lauren Home did back in the early 2000s. My husband, then fiancé, and I were rocking the single accent wall in our teeny Los Feliz one bedroom. We were graduating from film school, and I really needed to feel like I was diving into the calm waters of something other than chronic unemployment. "Bermuda" (and also a pale green) ended up being the colors for our wedding.
  4. Untitled San Francisco Burgundy
    It was post college, and my best friend and I had moved to a beautiful Victorian in the Lower Haight. Owned by Pascal, an actually Irish guy in his thirties. Another landlord who was cool with us choosing paint colors for our rooms. He even had his crew do the painting. I was obsessed with having a red room (pre 50 shades!), so we bought the paint, told the crew, moved everything out of my room in preparation...
  5. Untitled San Francisco Avocado
    And I was 20-something devastated when the crew mistakenly painted the living room my beloved shade of burgundy. Pascal was, understandably, not into the idea of paying the crew to re-paint. So my bedroom was painted avocado. I got onboard. I bought avocado accents: a stool, a leather ottoman, a brocade ottoman that spins - that now my three year old insists he can stand on without falling. There's a serious avocado legacy here. I'm actually typing this from an avocado-colored couch.
  6. Lap Pool Blue
    Another aqua, aka, Bermuda Revisited. My husband and I just bought a house in Eagle Rock, and we're figuring out what to paint the bedroom. We're victorious but exhausted. We're sleep deprived parents who just made it through a stressful escrow. (Woe to the self-, un-, or strangely employed!) It feels unreal. Wrong even. But we're doing this. Thirty year fixed rate mortgage, it is ON. We walked the new house today and chose paint chips. Because we can. Because we are finally home.