1. That one kid who's in all of your classes but is annoying AF. It's almost impossible to ignore them and they're probably the teachers favorite.
  2. That one girl decked out in LuLu Lemon every day, no exceptions. I hope u enjoy ur $100 leggings. I've been wearing these Forever 21 pants for 3 days.
  3. The sweatpants, Cosby sweater kid. He probably has wild, curly hair and an obnoxious laugh.
  4. The Vape Pen dude. Puffin away on the way to class. Probably wearing a beanie and hasn't brushed his teeth in a few days.
  5. The girl in Spanish class who tries super hard to speak with an accent.
  6. Also, those girls in Spanish class who spent last semester in Spain and try to take charge of the class.
  7. That kid with horned-rimmed glasses, cuffed jeans, perfectly styled hair and a little bit of scruff. We get it, you're majoring in advertising.
  8. The kid who always seems to do his class projects on inappropriate topics
  9. The classic teachers pet. "Should we pass up our homework now?" Omg. Shut... It........
  10. The girl who's always just scrolling through Pinterest during lecture. Pinterest is great and all, but I really don't need to see your wedding plans during Psych
  11. That one person you added on Facebook freshman year who constantly shares horrible political articles and racist cartoons. Holy shit whyyyyy