2015! THE YEAR...

Inspired by @natecorddry
  1. I survived co-planning my school's grad school recruitment weekend
    It went very smoothly and we got compliments from important people 🎉
  2. I finally earned the taco sticker in Foursquare/Swarm
    After being denied it for years even though I check in at Mexican restaurants all the time, and then they changed all the stickers and only have a SOMBRERO THIS IS NOT OK I'M STILL MAD ABOUT IT
  3. I presented my first (and second) poster at a professional conference 🤓
    Both were well received and I managed not to make a total ass of myself
  4. I survived my first year of grad school
    Only 4-6 to go 😑
  5. I did my first season of field work at Yellowstone ⛏
    I saw bison, a bear, wolves, elk, freaking amazing geology, and learned that 2 weeks is my limit for camping.
  6. I started biking to work regularly 🚲
    I only learned to ride a bike recently so this is a huge life benchmark that I never thought would happen for me
  7. I flew a helicopter 🚁
    Surprise birthday present from my boyfriend. Flying a helicopter is hard AF
  8. I hiked the Grand Canyon
    This was a girls' trip and it was great.
  9. I celebrated one year with my boyfriend
    He surprised me with both a helicopter tour (I did not pilot but had more fun because I knew how hard it is to fly) and an off-road tour of Sedona. We stayed in a cute ghost town and ate good food, then instead of going for fancy dinner, we stayed home and ordered from our favorite Chinese place. We get each other. We also have the worst fights, so this was an even bigger landmark event because we haven't killed each other yet.
  10. I saw Bill Nye speak
    It was incredibly inspirational and renewed my passion for science
  11. I MET R2D2 😱
    He was puttering around the exhibit hall at AGU and was the cutest. Shortly thereafter I was gifted passes to see The Force Awakens at the 11pm Thursday showing! An acquaintance I am aggressively pursuing as a friend went too and it was so great to get to know her better (it's hard to make friends when you're older y'all).