Inspired by @supercommonname
  1. JAN: Bat in our classroom
    It was stuck in the ceiling light so we left pointers for FacMan to rescue it.
  2. FEB: Bf surprised me with this gorgeous pallasite
    A bunch of us trekked down to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, and he snuck off and bought this after he saw me admiring it. Gave it to me on Valentine's Day.
  3. FEB: PHX-area hikes
    Lots of hikes this winter with Bing and Eric! So much beautiful scenery.
  4. MAR: Undercut
    Secret sass.
  5. APR: Trip home before quals
    Back to Illinois the weekend before my exam to chill out and be away from AZ...
  6. APR: Mom & Dad's 40th wedding anniversary
    ...and to celebrate with my parents! Look at these two ❤️❤️
  7. APR: Pass quals!!
    I PASSED! And then did almost nothing for the next...uh, until now basically. Bf got me these amazing flowers and $100 of BBQ to celebrate.
  8. MAY: Make my first successful capsule
    Finally make my first successful air-tight capsule. It's taken many hours to get this right. (More about my lab: SOME OF THE STUFF IN MY BADASS LAB)
  9. MAY: Move bf to SF for the summer
    Spent a week eating our way though the Bay, then I took him to The View, a favorite AGU haunt.
  10. MAY: Take my best selfie
    Great light in bf's new room, so selfied like crazy.
  11. JUNE: Visit bf in SF
    Went back a couple weeks later (earlier than planned). Ate this deliciousness after seeing an awesome band of siblings busking around the corner.
  12. JUNE: Back to Chicago for a wedding and mini-reunion
    College ladies, photo booth, dancing, drinking, then a huge brunch and the Garfield Park Conservatory with Cecile the next day.