1. Stop talking with my mouth full
    I used to never do this but at some point I decided showing people the contents of my mouth was less of a drag then waiting 10 seconds for me to swallow before I could reply. 2016 is the year of sorry but I'm going to enjoy my food and you'll just have to chill a few more seconds before you find out how much longer I'll be in grad school (spoiler alert: FOREVER).
  2. Stop beating around the bush
    Just ask someone for something or invite them to a place instead of kind of hinting around hoping they'll read between the lines and figure shit out. No one has time to play mind-reader, especially not me, so I don't know why I thought this way of doing things was somehow more polite?
  3. Celebrate the small stuff
    Ok I tried to do this at AGU after my poster went well but couldn't find ANYTHING at Chronicle Books I wanted (wtf is wrong with me; usually I want the whole store). I need to remember I still owe myself for that one and do something nice for myself when I get back to AZ.
  4. Hit my steps goal on Fitbit every week
    Not every day, because I've got to study for orals this semester, but I can go on an extra run or go on a nice hike to make up the deficit and then even out the week. I'm not going to do a "I'll work out X times a week" resolution because that hasn't worked in the past.
  5. Be more vocally supportive of my boyfriend
    I don't tell him enough that he's awesome or voice my support of the various projects he's involved with that are close to his heart.
  6. Apologize but not compulsively
    Could also be "apologize and mean it" because we/I often apologize reflexively and I think "I'm sorry" is now diluted. Don't say "I'm sorry" if you mean "pardon me" or "excuse me" or "bitch, what'd you say to me?"
  7. 3 hours a week devoted to a past time
    Not 3 hours of FB or 3 hours of tv (although cripes I love tv) but 3 hours of reading FOR PLEASURE NOT JOURNAL ARTICLES or 3 hours of piano or 3 hours of coloring or 3 hours of putting together those cool metal models I bought this summer and haven't touched since, or some combination thereof.