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I have been too hungover and too addicted to telly today but I have NO REGRETS
  1. Marcella (British itv GOLD)
  2. The Lobster (my crush on Colin Ferrell is gone)
  3. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (YAAAAAS!)
  1. hi
  2. how are you?
  3. I feel too old for new social medias but am trying to be down with the kids
2 more...
  1. a $78 nautical themed knit blanket from a shop on Martha's Vineyard. already owned multiple blankets
  2. a £60 jumper with a picture of a fox in a top hat with a cane. marked down from £80, technically being savvy
  3. a £30/month iPhone contract in the UK which I subsequently forgot to pay both summers I returned to the US and then got fined for. but I couldn't just like, not have an iPhone?
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