Things I've Bought When I Had Little To No Money That Say A Lot About My Values

I have always had little to no money.
  1. a $78 nautical themed knit blanket from a shop on Martha's Vineyard. already owned multiple blankets
  2. a £60 jumper with a picture of a fox in a top hat with a cane. marked down from £80, technically being savvy
  3. a £30/month iPhone contract in the UK which I subsequently forgot to pay both summers I returned to the US and then got fined for. but I couldn't just like, not have an iPhone?
  4. 12 tubes ($72) of cover girl mascara at once so that I wouldn't run out in the UK (I have, anyway)
  5. £10 Elderflower liqueur to add to my prosecco on New Years
  6. £5 on a single iced latte in London. That's like $8. the iced coffee was acceptable.