Requested by @gomulks. Because @gomulks has such eclectic taste, I have listed everything I find delightful that she will realistically watch. Some different commentary and added shows since this keeps getting deleted
  1. Catastrophe (Amazon)
    British! Only 6 eps!
  2. Playing House (USA)
    Best portrayal of female friendship on TV right now. Lots of fun UCB cameos.
  3. The Flash (CW/Netflix)
    It's a superhero show on the surface but also really lighthearted and heartwarming. Jesse L Martin is the best.
  4. Jane The Virgin (CW/Netflix)
    If you can suspend your belief and go along with some absurdity, you can fall in love with this show. It satirizes telenovelas so everything is a bit heightened. The show knows this and capitalizes on it. Features a really strong family of women at its core and subtly highlights issues of an immigrant family. Also, has a kickass abuela.
  5. Fresh Off The Boat (ABC/Hulu)
    90's nostalgia family comedy. Super super funny and fun to recognize things from our childhood.
  6. Project Greenlight (HBO)
    Jason is the worst and cannot collaborate or play well with others. Behind the scenes reality show of what it takes to make a low budget film.
  7. I'll Have What Phil's Having (PBS)
    Travel restaurant show with comedy writer, Phil Rosenthal, and friends. Have not watched yet but seems right up your alley.
  8. Laguna Beach
    For style tips. I also know you love them.
  9. The Americans (FX)
    Great acting, great writing. Spy drama set in the Cold War. Can be slow sometimes but other times, heartstopping and heartbreaking.
  10. The Goldbergs (ABC/Hulu)
    Family comedy set in 80's Philly. Don't let the Flyers cheering scare you off. The son is a moron on the show. Fun home videos at the end of most eps that show the creator's real family.
  11. Parenthood (NBC/Netflix)
    If you need a good cry OR laugh. Also, I would watch Mae Whitman in anything
  12. You're the Worst (FXX/Hulu)
    This may be too harsh/raunchy for you? May be more of an Emily show because she would love some of these characters. But at its heart, it's a romcom without all the romcom fluff.
  13. Difficult People (Hulu)
    Again, maybe more of an Em show. But Billy Eichner! And fun cameos too.
  14. Great British Bakeoff (?) (PBS)
    Not sure that this is the right title but it's a British import that people seem to find great and more kind than baking competition shows here.
  15. Last Man on Earth (FOX)
    Kristen Schaal is incredible on this.
  16. Nathan For You (Comedy Central)
    Do you watch this? I think you do
  17. The Leftovers (HBO)
    First season is slow in spots; start of second season has sold me. Anything with Regina King is worth watching
  18. Mr. Robot (USA)
    I don't know how to describe this.
  19. Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX)
    Do you watch this? You should. Also, Nick Offerman is set to guest star
  20. Drunk History (Comedy Central)
    Best and most accurate portrayals of Abe Lincoln out there.
  21. UnReal (Lifetime)
    Backstage drama at a reality Bachelor-like show. Better than it sounds!
    You will never watch this. You will never know the show that got me through my jaw surgery recovery period.