(No one was hurt in the incident.)
  1. It was the first and only car I ever bought and owned as a single person.
  2. Buying that car was a bold step away from an ex-husband situation that had gotten so bad he slashed the tires of the previous car, which we owned together. (He never admitted to this but chances are he just doesn't remember. My evidence is purely circumstantial and emotional.)
  3. My kids were so little that they had to play in the Lego area of the car dealership while I negotiated the price for the 2002 Honda. This was the pre-smartphone era. Holy crap I've owned that car for like 10 years.
  4. I was a mean haggler that day and at one point even told the car dealer finance dude I was leaving and made the kids pack up all their shit to prove I was serious. The guy ended up giving me the price I wanted.
  5. A friend told me that I now owned a "cute girl car." I felt fucking amazing. I was a cute girl, on top of the world with my cute girl car!
  6. My son tried to break into the car with a toothpick when he was about 9 and the toothpick forever stayed in the passenger door lock. This was a big problem because the car had no automatic doors, so forevermore only the driver's side could open.
  7. Later when he learned to drive and the Honda was his only source of transportation he really rued that toothpick thing.
  8. Lots of people bought green 2002 Honda's, but very few of us bought the DX.
  9. It made me sad to see the Honda all smushed up today. Like a pet died. Is that weird? I guess the Honda was my BB8.
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