1. The kid visiting her estranged dad over summer break.
  2. The wide-eyed MFA candidate visiting the East Coast for the first time to enter a poetry program.
  3. The mom flying alone with a toddler and a newborn baby.
  4. The inexperienced business traveler visiting a big new city and fiendishly looking out the window.
  5. The romantic airline arriver just through security throwing myself into the arms of a loved one.
  6. The person who pretty much expects to get hit on by a boring stranger.
  7. The drunkest person in the row.
  8. The most sober person in the row.
  9. The person watching a movie a little bit pornographic.
  10. The person working on a power point that has phrases like "Maximize ROI" superimposed on pictures of dudes wearing Euro-scarves.
  11. The savvy business traveler who don't take no shit.
  12. The coupled person where as a couple we know the drill.