1. The person next to me on the plane at 6:00 am with BO who was wearing a tank top cut so low it went below his nipples
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    Here's a pic of a supermodel re-enacting the look.
  2. The person in front of me in the security line whose constant pacing both encroached on my personal space and made me worried he was insane.
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  3. The person behind me in the security line who didn't notice I was giving the pacer a wide berth, and pushed up passive-aggressively behind me as if I were slowing the line
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  4. This douchebag who was bitching about how he can't use the word "midget" because of political correctness
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  5. This other douchebag (same table) is talking about how democrats are bringing our country to mass beheadings like the "tragedy of the French Revolution" and he's belittling the only woman at the table all the way.
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    She's holding him to task and I feel so bad for her. I might be getting to the age where I just go walk over there and smack dudes like that telling them to respect?