Great idea requesting this list @sloan -- cracked the ice on my first list!
  1. These guys are all too skinny for their tuxes.
  2. How can boutonnières still be a thing?
  3. Hairspray and curling irons have not loosened their ironclad grip in all these years.
  4. I hope my cat doesn't claw any of these billowy dresses.
  5. No matter how much I love my son and his friends, guys putting in their "fancy" socks on isn't photo-worthy.
  6. Cummerbunds are as ostracized as they should be.
  7. Nobody knows how to operate a real camera, though it's sweet that someone brought one.
  8. But, no one can resist a selfie stick.
  9. The discomfort of formal wear brings people together.
  10. They're like fancy-tailed fish in the same sudden fishbowl who recognize each other.
  11. Time is fleeting.
  12. Everyone's almost out in the real world, but not quite.