"Fall is coming! Pumpkin Spice Everything!!! Plaid and Uggs!!!" GTFO. Summer isn't over yet! There's still plenty of cold rosé to slug before bidding adieu to this wonderful season. Photos and drinking notes of my three favs from Trader Joe's below🍷🍷
  1. A quick note about the rosé vibe
    V chill. Low key, not to be over-analyzed or picked apart. Drink it, buzz along and relax. Not expensive, not complicated, not to be taken too seriously.
  2. Here are my 3 favorites. Photo taken during golden hour because it's beautiful.
    From left to right:
  3. #1: 2015 La Ferme Julien, $4.99 (CA price)
    Lime-guava-citrus thing going when your nose is in the glass. Your first sip: strawberry, fresh raspberry, bright acidity that makes your mouth water. This rosé is the classic babe of the wine world. If it were a person: Kelli Kapowski on Saved by the Bell. Always a classic. Drink with: ceviche, watermelon/feta salad, a straw.
  4. #2: 2015 Landonnet Rosé de Bordeaux $5.99 (CA price)
    Candy land! Nose pops up pink starburst, bubblegum, those raspberry hard candies in the round tin. First sips: similar to the nose—lots of pink and red fruit, mouth-filling and great texture. Gorgeous and very polished. If it were a person: Ari Gold's wife on Entourage. Not a hair out of place, botoxed forehead, so polished it's a little boring but no one's complaining. Drink with: any goat or cow cheese, salumi.
  5. 2014 Coteaux d'Aix en Provence (rhymes with "sex in Provence") $7.99
    Smells like the beach. Salty and very fresh. Not a lot of fruitiness. First sip is a different story—strawberry jam, cotton candy, saltwater taffy. Really soft feel in your mouth, texture of a latte vs. black coffee. Chic and delicious, with a little restraint at first. Human equivalent: Marion Cotillard in "A Good Year". Drink with: seared scallops, quiche, the ocean in sight.