My annual search to see if I can come up with a unique sexy costume. Google along with me!
  1. Sexy Zombie
    Taken, but I guess it's kind of an obvious choice now that I think about it.
  2. Sexy Nun
    Also taken. I'll blame Madonna for this one.
  3. Sexy Ghost
    Crap, already taken. Ugh, this is always harder than it should be.
  4. Sexy Lady Lumberjack
    Taken! Really?
  5. Sexy Dentist
    Yikes, did not need to know about that sexy Cecil the Lion costume.
  6. Sexy Dinosaur
    Taken. But I'm going to give them a C for effort.
  7. Sexy Medusa
    Also taken. In fairness, "Sedusa" was kind of staring me right in the face.
  8. Sexy Spider
    Genius! Spiders aren't sexy at all . . . Arghhh! Really taken, there are at least 6 options available.
  9. Sexy Freddy Krueger!
    I've got this, that's so old school no one will . . . Honestly!? What is wrong with people?! Taken.
  10. Ok, I give up, again. Maybe I should just start designing sexy dog costumes!
    hahaha . . . oh . . . God . . .