Dogs I Have Pretended to Own in the Past Month - November 2015

I take a lot of photos of other people's dogs. I can't help myself. It's a sickness. This is part II of an ongoing series.
  1. Here they are, waiting for me to come out of our neighborhood hardware store.
  2. Isn't it sweet how strangers will hold your dog while you wait for a train?
  3. She loves looking out windows so much that I let her sit on someone else's lap to see.
  4. My coworker drew a corgi on my office white board. My reaction? Never erase it and send my husband a photo of our new pet!
    Ok, this one is sort of pathetic even to me.
  5. He so good the way he poses for the camera! He doesn't even have to sit next to me, he's just that obedient.