I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see these couples making it long-term.
  1. Phil and Rita - Groundhog Day
    How do you completely change your mind about some selfish jerk everyone hates in one day just because he seems intensely (creepily) involved in a small town he goes to once a year? Not to mention the obvious pitfalls of Phil going back to Pittsburgh and trying to act like he didn't just relive the same day for years. Also? Rita is kind of annoying.
  2. Allen and Madison - Splash
    Mermaid, shlubby guy, honestly the entire premise feels like they're saying she'd have fallen for whoever's bathtub she landed in.
  3. The Narrator and Marla - Fight Club
    Sure, resetting the debt records of everyone together after your boyfriend shoots himself seems like a fun adventure. But what's that second day like? Tedious I bet. (And yeah, I am aware that there's a sequel book in existence, don't care. We're just talking movie versions on here!)
  4. Rick and Louis - Casablanca
    Smart money on Louis going back to his money (and lady) grubbing ways and Rick not being able to handle the hypocrisy for very long. Also? I think Rick gets drunk a lot and talks about his ex. Boring!
  5. Starr and Michael - The Lost Boys
    Just because he saved you (with help from his weird family) from being doomed to an eternity as a vampire, doesn't mean you're going to agree on anything else. All these two know is: 1) we're both hot 2) we both don't want to be vampires. (Actually, I know people who've married with less in common, so maybe this will work.)
  6. Korben and Leeloo - The Fifth Element
    She's basically a perfect being, he's a washed up cab driver. Come on, do I need to break it down further?
  7. Jack and Annie - Speed
    She says it herself, relationships that start under intense circumstances rarely workout. But, maybe they're fine with this.
  8. John and Lenina - Demolition Man
    Sandra Bullock really had a lot of doomed before it starts relationships in the 90's. She may find his barbaric ways cute and novel, but at the end of the day, he's kind of an idiot.
  9. Sailor and Lula — Wild at Heart
    Some relationships could probably withstand a botched robbery attempt with Willem Dafoe and a few too many allusions to "The Wizard of Oz." I don't know if this one can.
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  10. All of them?
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