I'm not a fan of waiting in line for food. And I find places that people swoon over are often a bit disappointing. But since moving to San Francisco I've found that a lot of places here are worthy of all the praise, at least in my humble opinion.
  1. The chicken at Zuni Cafe
    Roast chicken is not something I'd normally order at a restaurant, but if 10 different people say "get the chicken" when you say you're going to Zuni Cafe, you order the chicken. And then you find out they're right.
  2. Tartine Bakery
    The bread, the pastries, I might actual go back and wait in that line again some day.
  3. Miette
    Every pastry I've tried is not only delicious, but beautiful.
  4. Smitten Ice Cream
    Gimmicky? Kind of. Do you care once you taste it? Nope.
  5. Cotogna
    I was happy with my homemade gnocchi until I went here. Now I can't even think of trying again because I know it won't be as good.
  6. Craftsman and Wolves bakery
    Suggested by @jeremyblachman
  7. Philz coffee
    Suggested by @ashepinnell