Oh San Francisco - I do love you, but you have some seriously bad public transit habits. Here are a few friendly suggestions to make this experience a little better for everyone.
  1. Please Wait For Those Exiting
    For a town that loves to queue up, you do not seem to understand this basic step. People are allowed off and THEN you get on. Period. There are no exceptions. Here's a visual to help you remember: http://tinyurl.com/p2k9f3v
  2. Look Up
    At least once every few minutes. This will help you see if an elderly person wearing a cast might need your seat, or maybe a pregnant lady would appreciate some courtesy. Bonus: this also just gives you some basic awareness of your surroundings, try it, you may enjoy yourself!
  3. Backpacks Off
    I cannot stress this enough. This means all bulky bags come off your person and are held low when the train is crowded.
  4. Move!
    If you are standing in the exit that might even mean you have to get out of the vehicle to let others out. Inconvenient? Maybe a little. But exponentially more convenient than forcing 15 people to funnel out of half the door.
  5. Let's Keep Moving
    As @schwalove mentioned, once you're off the vehicle, kindly continue on your way. If you need to orient yourself (hey, we've all been there), try to find a quiet corner, not the center of the sidewalk to start using your phone.