I never want to live through any situation that leads to a Mad Max style dystopia. I've always wanted to die in the first wave of a deadly global plague. If we have a massive nuclear war, I want to be in one of the first cities hit. These are a few reasons why. (Note: This list is an ongoing exercise.)
  1. I'm not a fan of group projects.
    I'm pretty sure starting up a village from scratch would be a lot like any group project: a few of us do all the work and get really resentful that no one else is helping but we want a good grade so we'll just do it all anyway, sighing a lot to show how upset we are.
  2. Survivalists are likely a large percentage of who makes it.
    And no offense, but I don't think I'll be a good fit for that crowd.
  3. I'm good at camping for one night, max.
    Not really interested in extending that to say, the rest of my nights.
  4. I don't look great in earth tones.
    Seriously, they make me look a little jaundiced. And I have a feeling a good portion of a dystopian wardrobe involves beige/off white.
  5. Most of my favorite jobs require power, or at least an existing civilization.
    I'm more of a writer, project manager, trainer type and less of a gathering firewood and building shelter type.
  6. I prefer showering daily.
    Running water? High on my list of necessities.