I tend to re-watch things I like. I also have an annoyingly good memory, so I think somewhat random things are common references only to receive blank stares in return. (It does not help that my husband gets my jokes due to sharing a home for 10+ years.)
  1. Kids In The Hall
    There is a lot more there than just crushing people's heads. Girl Drink Drunk should be a universally understood reference.
  2. Absolutely Fabulous
    When I say "let's drink lunch darling" you should know I'm feeling like Patsy!
  3. Psych
    Why is this show so unpopular? I just want someone to get my Gus references. "Did you hear about Pluto?" Yes, and it IS messed up.
  4. Arrested Development
    Nothing makes you more aware of how low the ratings were for this show than an ill-timed reference like "I blue myself prematurely." Steer clear of Tobias quotes in unknown company. Ditto on Buster or Lucille #1 references (trust me.)
  5. Keeping Up Appearances
    Shockingly, everyone hasn't recently watched all episodes of a BBC comedy from the 90's about a crazy old social climber. It's on Netflix right now . . . And "it's pronounced Bouquet!" Which I think is funny any time the word bucket comes up. (It's maybe not that funny, but I can't help myself.)