I met my husband 22 days before I moved from San Francisco to Ann Arbor (job relocation). For @lilydiamond
  1. We met at a bar (The Albatross).
    I had planned on hanging out with a friend a few last times before I moved. I knew she was bringing a guy she thought was my match, but I also knew I was leaving and didn't plan to come back. I invited a single mom I knew thinking, "He's a single dad and I'm leaving." She showed zero interest, barely spoke, and left early. He was handsome and witty!
  2. When asked why I was moving to Michigan, I answered, "Because it's closer to Wisconsin." I LOVE CHEESE.
    Turns out he attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison and stayed for several years covering the Milwaukee Brewers for the Wisconsin State Journal.
  3. His parting words that evening were, "Well, good luck with everything."
    I thought, "Wow, I really read that wrong." He followed it up with an essay emailed to my friend about how he's clearly been out of the game for a long time and that he would love to contact me.
  4. I returned from an apartment hunting trip and brought knishes from Zingerman's for him and his children (they didn't know about me, but I couldn't deny them the opportunity).
    I was also in possession of a killer Gouda which we ate while snuggled in bed. I knew in that moment, he was the only one for me.
  5. He came to Michigan FIVE TIMES in one year!
    Two visits were in winter. I came to California twice. We met in Denver, Milwaukee, and New Orleans.
  6. The night before his first visit (his red-eye landed at 6am), I baked a chocolate cake because I thought it would be festive.
    I was so busy cleaning and preparing that I skipped dinner and ate cake batter instead. I actually said to my mother and aunt (via Skype), "If I get salmonella, we know where it came from!" I threw up four times before I picked him up from the airport. But none after.
  7. I stayed a year and after I finished my project in Michigan, I got a killer position in San Francisco working for one of the most amazing people of all time.
    It was, surprisingly, a promotion. I had considered lower jobs simply to move back, but was afraid I'd resent him if I took something that didn't further my career.
  8. I moved into an apartment in Berkeley.
    Following therapy best practices, we were METHODICAL when it came to my interactions with his kids. The day after I met them (at a playground and then we went to a restaurant for lunch), I went to their mother's house for tea. This way, when they went back to her and said, "We met Daddy's girlfriend!" She could say that she had met me, too.