1. A is 10 years old and reported that a counselor at camp used the "c" word.
    My husband and I took a breath and paused. He said, "What does it rhyme with?" She said, "Um ..." (she really thought for a bit) "Rap. Why?"
  2. A also said that the vegetables on her plate were a Danish.
    Huh? "You know, vegetables that are there for decoration." "A GARNISH. You mean, 'garnish'"
  3. C is 8 and still says, "Lusually."
    As in, "I lusually have macaroni and cheese for lunch."
  4. My mother was taking care of S (18 months at the time) while I spoke at a conference in Minneapolis.
    I walked into our hotel room after not seeing them all day and S yelled, "Daddy!"
  5. "Do we have brisket?"
    "Um, no. Brisket like Bubi makes?" "No, brisket crackers." "You mean Triscuit Crackers."