(A list for my brother, @EricElkins)
  1. The feckless dad motif is over.
    There's no reason to settle for a guy who doesn't know how to change a diaper or who needs help dressing the kids appropriately.
  2. Men can be romantic planners, too.
    My brother has the best ideas for his own dates and also helps me think of things I can do to make my husband swoon.
  3. Charge what I'm worth, not what I think they'll pay.
    As a successful business owner, my brother has helped me find a way to work AND be a stay-at-home mom.
  4. Men can (and should) cook.
    Okay, my husband isn't a stellar cook like my brother, but he CAN put together a healthy meal. My brother taught me that I could find an equal parenting partner. (Our dad cooked, too, so maybe Eric learned that part from him.)
  5. Someone will love me just the way I am.
    When my brother stopped dating a woman who was too skinny ("all elbows and sharp edges"), my boyfriend at the time had asked me to lose weight.
  6. Masculinity and sensitivity are not mutually exclusive.
    He's a guy's guy, that's for sure (whiskey and a tux, anyone?), but he's introspective and can identify/articulate his feelings.
  7. A balanced guy exists in the universe.
    You know, the guy who loves his work but knows how to unplug. The guy who works out, but isn't afraid to drink beer and eat burgers. The guy who can head out to a movie alone, but who can also mingle and charm at parties. The wicked smart comedian.