My husband's relative visited us at our AirBnB place with his wife and two sons, ages 2 and 6.
  1. When the kids walked in, they immediately began jumping on the furniture.
    Who allows this at someone else's home? And it's not even OUR house?
  2. The six year-old picked up a clock off a shelf and the mother said, "Don't play with that or your brother will want to, also."
    I say these things to my stepdaughters, but the items are OURS. If I was at someone else's house I'd say, "Please don't touch that, it's not ours."
  3. So I asked if they'd like to throw a football outside.
    Yes, we're only visiting, but we don't go anywhere without a ball.
  4. When we went outside, their children proceeded to climb on and overturn the lawn furniture.
  5. I tossed a ball with the two year-old while my stepdaughter played Monkey in the Middle with the six year-old and his mother.
    The six year-old refused to be the monkey and his mom didn't enforce the rule. Just like any other rules, I suppose.
  6. My stepdaughter eventually brought out her colored pencils and a math workbook so she didn't have to play with the other kids.
  7. The six year-old asked me for drawing paper. I brought Color Wonder paper and markers.
    He said, "Can I have regular paper?" I told him we didn't have anything to draw on regular paper. He said, "I'll use her pencils." Normally I would have made my stepdaughter share, but this kid never used please or thank you. I told him that they're her special pencils. He used the markers.
  8. The two year-old drew all over a plastic lawn chair with a Color Wonder marker.
    I asked him not to (the same way I ask my own nearly two year-old not to do something), but the parents assured me the marker wouldn't stain the chair. It did. Color Wonder markers don't leave COLOR on fabric.
  9. The mom mentioned something about ordering pizza.
    My husband and I thought the same thing, NFW.
  10. They mentioned they'd love to visit the Bay Area.
    No way they're staying at our house.
  11. The two year-old drew a picture of a princess for me.
    Then his brother drew one and asked which I liked better.
  12. The six year-old grabbed my husband's hat and was playing "keep away."
    My almost two year-old was very upset by it and insisted he give it back.
  13. They left the caps off the markers even thought their mom kept telling them to put them back.
    Eventually all of the markers had lids, but not the correct colors.
  14. The dad kept saying, "Stop that..."
    With no punishment or consequence.