Sleep deprivation has made me a shell of a person. Instead of being my anti-jinxy self (should have said, "She's a good sleeper now, but she'll make up for it later."), I thought my baby was simply an amazing sleeper.
  1. Forgot to put fresh fruit in the kids' lunches
    I even packed them last night after my class so all I'd have to do is put them in lunch boxes.
  2. Forgot to collect feedback from students
    Each person had a teaching assignment and to make sure everyone paid attention while others were presenting, I asked them to write down comments for their peers to make sure they were paying attention
  3. Forgot to pack shampoo and conditioner when we went to the pool
    I feel better when they shower at home (gross floors!), but it would have been faster.
  4. Continue to forget to have my car serviced
    I hate the dealership, so I have to go somewhere new.
  5. Continue to forget to have my eye exam
    They sent me a postcard saying the last time they saw me was in 2013.
  6. Continue to forget to put antibacterial gel in the diaper bag
    She pet a cat today and then proceeded to stick her fingers in her mouth.