And he's not even on ListApp! When I'm out in public and see other men, I often thank my lucky stars I ended up with this one.
  1. He'd never wear black shoes and white socks.
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    Even black sneakers. He doesn't own black sneakers but if he did, I know he'd never wear white socks.
  2. He'll never wear shorts on an airplane.
    Long gone are the days people dress up to fly, but even if we're going to Hawaii, I know he won't wear shorts.
  3. He'd never wear a tank top.
    Because, well, they're awful on men. No matter how muscular. Ew, @EricElkins
  4. He knows how to wear a suit. And a tux.
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    He doesn't have to dress up for work, but I never have to worry about his ability to dress appropriately for any given situation. (Even when there's baby drool on his shoulder.)