Not in any particular order. Except the first one.
  1. Alcohol
    I drink more now than I did when I played rugby.
  2. A supportive spouse
    Early on, there were days he returned from work and I apologized for the state of the house. His response was always kind. He's the kind of spouse who has given me freedom and support so I feel successful at home AND in the workplace.
  3. Resources
    If I had kids with my first husband (a serious spender with zero knowledge about how to manage finances), things would be a WHOLE LOT TOUGHER.
  4. TV
    My mother said the baby shouldn't watch tv until she's two at the youngest. But with older sisters, screw it. At 21 months she says, "TT." She also says, "Pop pop" for lollipop. Another thing I wouldn't have introduced this early. Go siblings!