My husband grew up in Maine so we bring the kids each year for about 10 days. His dossier-building was Off. The. Charts. Lobster photos need their own list.
  1. Day 1: Breakfast and swim in the warm hotel pool, Mike's Pastry in the North End, drive to Maine, lobster lunch with the MIL, then check in to AirBnB and throwing the football on the beach.
    There's something very satisfying about throwing a football with my girls. When they were younger, I taught them to play rugby but all they wanted to do was get tackled and tickled.
  2. Day 2: Brunch with my husband's fun family! He and the 10 year-old went to the Sea Dogs game while I took the 8 year-old and almost 2 year-old to lunch and a playground. They met us and we splashed at the Deering Oaks splash park
  3. Day 3: Monkey Trunks Ropes Course (we did the adult course!), lunch and swim in MIL's fitness center pool, visit with husband's wild family (see "Holy Bucket of Monkeys" list)
  4. Day 4: Splash Town water park and dinner at Skippers
    One of many, many lobster rolls consumed on this trip. I went on a horrible ride with the 10 year-old that was like a funnel. 182 pounds between the two of us and we caught air. I was going backwards and the look on her face combined with the scream of terror. Let's just say I never, ever want to see or hear that again. My husband asked if I screamed. I couldn't scream because I couldn't breath.
  5. Day 5: Toddle Town at the South Portland Library (a cute little music/story time group for kids up to age 3), Holy Donut! Ice skating at Portland Ice Arena (while my husband took the baby to his old elementary school), lunch with his friend and her kids,
    Delorme Map Store (home to the largest printed map in the world -- it's a globe!), Clay Play for the girls, Gather for us (fresh, local, incredible food and drink), dinner at the house with MIL
  6. Day 6: Andrew took the girls on a canoe trip of Scarborough marsh while I nursed the baby to sleep.
    Lunch with his friend, wife and kids (terrific peeps all around!), ice cream for dessert and then to Palace Playland at Old Orchard Beach. Dinner at the house with friends and MIL
  7. Day 7: To Gloucester! Candlepin bowling, lunch with the MIL, fun at the club pool and Shabbat dinner.
    Tired. So tired. But my husband's cousin has several grandchildren so she has every toy Sydney could possibly use.
  8. Day 8: To Boston! First there was playing on the beach (not me, of course, I was at home with the baby), then lunch, then I played basketball with the kids.
    Checked back into the Boston hotel, swam in the pool, and made ramen for them. Sadly I picked a ramen that was too spicy.
  9. Day 9: Cousin's son's first birthday party.
    Kids for miles. Then back to the hotel for a swim and dinner. Now bed because that 3:40 wake up call is going to come sooner than we want.