1. No I didn't leave the room, I'm just wearing a white T-shirt and standing by a wall so it seems like I disappeared. #caspercamoflauge
  2. I really do think white out might work as concealer on me.
  3. Yes, it is possible to burn your scalp and FYI it's pretty disgusting.
  4. Really 99% of foundation companies do you honestly think this shade should be called porcelain? #nope
  5. My skin does kind of glow-in-the-dark. I'm like a human nightlight. #Sometimespaleisuseful
  6. You know you're truly pale when the one foundation that does work on you is called Siberia. #thanksnarssheerglow
  7. All of the following are indeed possible -- burning when it's overcast, burning in under 20 minutes and burning while wearing sunscreen.
  8. Best comeback when a tan girl is rude to you -- I may be pale, but pretty soon you're going to be wrinkled. #youreabitchandsoispayback