(at least in this listmaker's opinion...)
  1. Sylvan Esso - SYLVAN ESSO
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    Catchy electropop, was basically on repeat all year.
  2. Asgeir - IN THE SILENCE
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    Like an Icelandic Bon Iver. What more could you want?
  3. Raury - INDIGO CHILD (mixtape)
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    Just a teenager, but now collaborating with Kanye and primed to blow up.
  4. Jenny Lewis - THE VOYAGER
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    Jenny Lewis forever.
  5. Run the Jewels - RUN THE JEWELS 2
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    Probably the best rap duo album since Outkast.
  6. The War on Drugs - LOST IN THE DREAM
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    Feels like it wasn't made in this era.
  7. Courtney Barnett - THE DOUBLE EP: A SEA OF SPLIT PEAS
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    Technically two EPs from past years put together, but who's counting. Reminds me of a grunge Jenny Lewis.
  8. Future Islands - SINGLES
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    Their Letterman performance of "Seasons" warrants a watch for dance moves alone.
  9. The New Pornographers - BRILL BRUISERS
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    Great band with impressive staying power.
  10. Sharon Van Etten - ARE WE THERE
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    Probably wins my favorite album cover here.
  11. St. Vincent - ST. VINCENT
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    Off-kilter goodness.
  12. Beck - MORNING PHASE
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    Enjoyable to listen to on a sunny morning. Would pretty much get a vote just for "Blue Moon."
  13. Benjamin Booker - BENJAMIN BOOKER
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    Second place album art. Bluesy rock.
  14. Streets of Laredo - VOLUME I & II
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    Wins the prize for accidentally stumbled into a live show and left with their EP.