1. Accepting compliments
    Every time anyone gives me a compliment I won't take it I find myself making them take it back. I want to learn to just say thank you.
  2. Standing up for myself.
    I feel like I just let people kick me around. I am so tired of that I want to show people that I respect myself and hopefully that way they'll respect me.
  3. Treating myself with kindness.
    I want to start treating my body with love eating better and taking care of it. I want to really embrace myself.
  4. Accepting that the past is past.
    I find myself thinking about certain people and situations and missing it. I want to live in the now and stop missing what's not mine anymore.
  5. Saying yes more.
    No more saying no to things I want to say yes more that's the only way I'll have new experiences.
  6. Smile more
    I feel like I have the worst bitch rest face. People always say I look like im mad. I need to work on that.