10 Photos From My First Year On Instagram

Inspired by @jessicaz who was inspired by @k8mcgarry
  1. It's the first pic I have
    I was late to the Instagram game so it might be my first
  2. Look how artsy
    Oh good grief
  3. I lived at this gallery for most of 2012
    And also, Wonder Woman
  4. I stand by this choice
  5. DMA
    My second lived in museum
  6. Me and my cousins
    This pic didn't get any love. Extra list points to whoever can guess who I am
  7. Also stand by this choice
  8. This is a cool picture
    And also I obviously didn't take this picture
  9. I felt really popular
    Nine whole likes
  10. I only have like a million day of the dead posts
    I'm not obsessed with it or anything