1. 10.
    This was a perfect request, @veshecco
    Since today is my LI.ST avversary! Okay here goes the little I've learned: first off, what a gif is and how to use one. I spent very little time on the internet before list. Posted on Instagram rarely and Facebook almost never. So I didn't play with things like gifs. Until list!
  2. 9.
    That I could truly care about a group of people I had never met
    I looked forward to specific lists, to hearing from the people I followed. I saw an outpouring of love during a tragic time. I learned who I could count on and lean on when times got really, really tough
  3. 8.
    That you can't believe that everyone on one site is kind hearted
    Even those who constantly speak about kindness can turn out to be cruel. I normally don't let people in easily. But List became this safe space for me where I felt I could trust everyone I came into contact with and handled themselves respectfully. I later learned that some people just wear a mask of kindness in order to fit in here.
  4. 7.
    That people are receptive to honesty
    I poured my soul out and made some of you extremely uncomfortable with my oversharing. But you lovely people accepted me just as I am. And I'm so grateful!!!
  5. 6.
    That what you look into out of curiosity can change your life
    My friend said "check out this app bj was talking about". And so I did. And I read a few lists and then I posted my own. And suddenly I opened up a whole world for me
  6. 5.
    That there are a lot of amazing people who love making lists as much as I do
    I love you crazy, misfit toys
  7. 4.
    That sending and getting care packages makes the world a better place
    It truly is good for the soul
  8. 3.
    That there are people who will loyally 💙 even my dumbest lists
    You know who you are. And I am humbled and grateful beyond words
  9. 2.
    That there are many people who are beautiful inside and out
    Too many of you to name but just know I am in awe of your inner and outer beauty. Also, getting a comment from one of you beautiful people gives me so much validation
  10. 1.
    That I truly love this place and don't know what I would do if it ever went away
    Please don't ever leave me LI.ST land!