2016: a photo for each month

Inspired by @hillary79 @bredee @Boogie @rellimt and last, but never even remotely least, @stevecady
  1. January
    I had a bday filled with surprises, amazing people and a yearly celebration with @delorali
  2. Went to a kick ass Oscar party
    At this wonderful woman's house. Seriously she and her husband are two of the coolest people you will ever meet
  3. Also in Feb, Celebrated all of these Feb gals
    And yes I am the odd ball in this group because I'm a jan girl but they still let me come
  4. One of my BF moved
    And we saw her off in drunk style
  5. Said goodbye to an amazing artist
  6. My lovely girl had her bachelorette party
    Also in April. April brought me some incredibly positive life changes (like the boy in my life) but who wants a bunch of mushy pics of that! I'll just say I went on an accidental date in April and my life has never been the same since
  7. Had a bday shindig for this man right here
    I love my dad so much. We may not share DNA, but he is more of a father than I could ever ask for. The day before this pic was taken I wrote my first list ever!!! As a result I found a tight nit community that I cherish and I have no picture that can encapsulate that!
  8. Went to New York and also my daughter turned sixteen
    I picked the New York picture to post because you can't ever post enough New York pictures, am I right? Here we are with her aunt and uncle. This trip was two fold, one week with my bff, her husband and the boy in my life. It was one of those serendipitous things since he and I booked our flights there for the same week six months before we started dating. He was going to visit his best friend and I was going to visit mine. Who knew how it would all turn out? Best trip ever!!
  9. July/ My eldest Niece got married
    So she beats anything else that might have happened in July. Such a gorgeous bride and she married her best friend
  10. August
    My son turned twelve! He celebrated with his best guy and girl buds
  11. September
    School started and this girl and I snuck out for some much needed teacher release time
  12. October
    The first Halloween that my kids didn't dress up or that I didn't go to a super crazy party. But I did do the time warp with my awesome @shellzlove83
  13. My Shan Shan got married!!
    My Shan Shan married the most amazing guy and her wedding was fabulous and fun and it was the healing point for me after a rough few months in so many ways.
  14. And I proudly wore my pant suit
    I am still so proud to have voted for the first woman who won the popular vote
  15. December was also the month
    When I had the best secret Santa Evah!!! @bredee made my Christmas SO merry!
  16. December
    Went out shopping and drinking with the fabulous @Boogie and all of you listers were great sports during our live listing. This is not my favorite year ever but you guys have carried me through it all