These last horrible, horrible 5 days
  1. First of all, my people
    Off and on list. People who reached out to check on me and that showed me how caring and amazing they are. @Boogie @hillary79 @lexie_elyse @theshome @taylormorley @victorious I can't thank you enough. All of you who took time to list about what's been going on- you're amazing. All of you who have left comments on my lists this week, please know it didn't go unnoticed. 💙💙💙💙
  2. My kids
    The ones I gave birth to and the ones I teach. Abundance of hugs. Abundance of notes. My daughter made my mom celebrate her bday on Friday and it wasn't the usual kind of party we would have. But it was a step. And it was important.
  3. My puppies
    Walking them, petting them. Spending time with them has been an immense source of comfort.
  4. Music
    @veshecco made a beautiful album. Some of you have made some incredible playlists to go by. It has helped me cry, feel, experience my feelings.
  5. Tweets like these
    Josh@jbillinson on twitter handed me one of my first real laughs of the week with this tweet. Thank you listers. Thank you, people who care. We are stronger together.