A list in honor of my 69th list
  1. Watch The Office
    I've seen the whole series several times. But I still watch it ALL the time. It's my go to show when I'm feeling down, always cheers me up.
  2. Drink coffee
    Okay maybe I don't actually believe I can do this TOO often. But the truth is I drink it more than I should. The thing is, I'm not even sorry.
  3. Text or call my friends
    I text or call them when something good happens. I text or call them when I have bad news. I text or call them when I have no news but see something that I think they just have to know.
  4. Read or Buy Books
    Again, it doesn't seem like I can possibly do this too much. But I do seriously have an addiction. I read more than I do pretty much anything else.
  5. Buy issues of Vogue
    So what if it makes you think I'm shallow? I love make up, clothes and heels. I'm obsessed with fashion shows. If you judge me for this...well, judge away. I'm just going to be me.
  6. Quote movies I love
    Usually obscure lines that no one recognizes. This doesn't stop me from doing it and being completely amused by it.
  7. Listen to Music
    Again, I hesitate to say I can do this TOO much. But considering how much money I spend on records, ITunes music and cd's...yes, it's probably too often. I pretty much have music on ALL. DAY. LONG.
  8. Buy PJ's
    I worked at a lingerie store in my early twenties and instead of buying lingerie, I developed an obsession for the silk pj sets. I still love them and flip out when I find sets that are soft and cute. Cynthia Rowley is my current favorite.
  9. Post Lists
    I mean, you guys know this more than anyone. I've written sixty nine lists and have only been on this app, what, a month? So yeah, I write too many lists. And again. NOT EVEN SORRY.