Inspired by the secret Santa sign up and by @Boogie use of ELF gifs
  1. Candy
    Sour patch kids, skittles, gummy bears
  2. Books
    When I find an author I love I try to read everything I can by them. Right now I do not own "The Secret History" or "The Little Friend" by Donna Tart. But really you can't go wrong with any book you get me. I love books.
  3. CDs
    I love Regina Spektor, PJ Harvey or Nick Cave. But I listen to everything except country so really anything would make me happy!
  4. Starbucks coffee mug
    I collect the state mugs from Starbucks, so those are always a perfect gift!
  5. I love NYC
    So anything with NYC on it or if you're from NYC and you send me something only a local would buy I will literally love you for ever.
  6. Anything Hamilton related
    I love, love this musical. Absolutely anything to do with Hamilton would make me deliriously happy. I've had my eye on this shirt from Tee Public for a while and it would be the perfect gift (size medium)
  7. Absolutely anything you want to send
    I'm just happy to be a part of this community. Anything at all would make me happy. I love you crazy listers and I'm so happy to be here.