Inspired by @andersun and @Boogie
  1. Fight for what you want
    Even if it makes you look foolish
  2. Listen to us old folk
    We may be old, but we know a few things. Learn from our mistakes. Also don't expect your parents to be perfect
  3. Tell your family members the truth
    They need and deserve to hear it. And you need and deserve to say it
  4. Explore your passions now
    Want to intern over the summer? Do it! Want to write that novel? Do it! Want to backpack through Europe? Do it!
  5. Listen to your needs
    If you are breaking down by following society's expectations of you, stop. Only you know what you need. You'll be glad you listened in the end
  6. Go for what you want
    Life is too damn short to let fear rule you
  7. Be willing to ask for forgiveness
    It's painful and difficult but so worth it
  8. Live
    Alone, with a loved one...just go...Go to Europe. Go to big cities. Explore small towns. Just live.